E-mail Marketing

Usually a potential customer never purchases a product the first time he interacts with you.
We know the average of contact moments is 7.

What you do during these contact moment is crucial. Key factors are building a relationship, providing value and creating trust.

When using email marketing this can be done efficiently. Following up on prospects can be done automatically. And by providing insights, tips, value and results in advance you too will experience more profit on the same amount of prospects when not using email marketing.

We provide email marketing strategies, tactics and even write copy for creating the best results possible.

Engage your potential customers, convert website visitor into buyers through e-mail marketing.

One of the great advantages of email marketing is that it uses the internet to work for you, instead of you using the internet all the time. This means series of engaging messages will be fully automatically send to those who have asked for it, without spamming, but with converting them into buyers.

However most internet marketing agencies focus on the technical details only. We believe technical details without a heart that is made of flesh and blood at the good place can never produce the ultimate result. E-mail marketing helps you to share whatever you want to share with your potential clients in a way that will build trust.

Another important reason why every business should use e-mail marketing is to be independent from other parties like Google.
It’s great to be in the google top 3 in your niche, but what if Google changes it’s algorithm again and you disappear? Disaster will be near.
Building warm lists with customers, fans, potential buyers and your customers is crucial nowadays.

Let e-mail marketing create hordes of fans and  followers who eventually want to know everything about you, because they adore you.


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